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Join us for our next BBQ Class!

Sunday, May 15th

9am - 2pm | Buffet Lunch to Follow

Saturday, Aug 3rd | 9am - 3pm | Lunch to Follow

This class is "hands-on" and you get to eat what we smoke. Pitmaster Scott will cover the history and regions of barbecue along with the selection, preparation, cooking, and eating of the four major barbecue meats: pork shoulder, pork ribs, beef brisket, and chicken. Scott will also discuss different types of smokers and barbecue technology.

The price is $175 for the class and includes continental breakfast and BBQ buffet lunch ($25 for extra lunch guests).

Spots fill up quickly. Contact us now to reserve yours!

Reserve A Class Spot

minuteman bbq class outside around the smoker learning how to properly smoke the meats
BBQ Class Inside
minuteman bbq class featuring student learning how to properly cut and prepare the meats

Here are what past attendees are saying:

  • “My adult son and I took the barbecue class together and had a blast. The time went by way too quickly, yet in that time Scott schooled us on all the finer points of smoking meat as well as pre-prep and post-prep. I learned so much about selecting meats, carving fat, creating and using rubs and glazes and so much more. Scott can only take a few folks at a time. I fully expect him to have a year-long waiting list in the near future.” ~ Ted H
  • "I would highly recommend the course to any beginner or intermediate BBQ enthusiast. Scott has a ton of knowledge and is an excellent teacher. " ~ Alex A.
  • “Thank you, Marti and Scott, for a great experience. The class was truly enjoyable and well-orchestrated. We really enjoyed meeting the other attendees – we had a great group! We learned so much and ate so good all day! The history behind barbeque and the distinctions in the different geographical areas was really interesting as was learning about the meat and the why behind the how. We would highly recommend this class to anyone who likes to eat and/or cook. Thanks also for the great takeaways including the recipes. We’ll let you know how our first attempt comes out and look forward to dining at the restaurant soon.” ~ Anne C. & Tom C.
  • “What a day. I had a great experience. I will share my positive experience with all my friends. I look forward to the next time I can stop by and linger a little longer over meals. I also look forward to the next opportunity we have to cater a party. Truly great to have met both of you, and I wish you all the greatest success. There isn’t much I’d change about how you ran the day, although I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast.” ~ Peter S.